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Ravishing India Holidays

Ravishing India Holidays

10 Reasons to spend your Year-end holidays in Rajasthan

November 01, 2015 / News

10 Reasons to spend your Year-end holidays in Rajasthan

School’s out, play starts! Let us show you why Rajasthan is our top pick for your kids this winter!

  1. Come experience Glamping with us! The notion of glamorous camping - spend your nights in luxurious tents set in the midst of Rajasthan’s national parks, complete with your own butler!
  2. Enrol in Junior Ranger Club program - exclusively designed for kids, by kids and only available for young guests of Ravishing India Holidays. Learn how to spot pug- marks, recognise warning calls of deers and locate the elusive bengal tiger. Comes complete with Junior Ranger Club apparel and earn special badges.
  3. Animal rides - Only in Rajasthan can you get to ride a camel into the sand dunes, an elephant up a fort and horseback riding all in one place!
  4. Be entertained by elaborate, quirky and sometimes funny designs and taglines (“Blow horn!”) on the trucks here.
  5. Savour Rajasthani cuisine - dine like maharajas in opulent palaces and tantalise your tastebuds with the best cuisine India has to offer.
  6. Be amazed by the colours of Rajasthan - a photographer’s dream! Almost every city is coordinated, Jaipur is pink, Jodhpur is blue, Udaipur is white and Jhalawar is purple! The Colours Of Rajasthan
  7. Pick up a skill this holiday - learn traditional Rajasthani art like block-printing, pottery or miniature painting.
  8. The wonderful weather! November to March brings the best climate to Rajasthan with cool crisp 10-150C sunny days, perfect for being outdoors.
  9. It’s all about experiential travelling in Rajasthan with Ravishing India Holidays - let us wow you with open top safari drives, secluded sunset spots, hot air balloon rides and more.
  10. Sleep well… Rajasthan boosts of the most amazing palaces refurbished as hotels and our guests will expect morning yoga sessions and world class spa facilities during their stay. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday with us today and pack your bags for the best school break ever! concierge@ravishingindiaholidays.com


Best Glamping Sites

There’s a reason why they call us the “Glamping Specialists”! Our RIH concierges have scoured the entire India (now that’s a real feat!) to bring you the best tents in the most jaw- dropping locations.  Book your first glamping experience now! concierge@ravishingindiaholid ays.com

Unveiled : Junior Ranger Club

It’s here! The world’s first wildlife program designed by kids and only for kids! Exciting learning modules from wildlife survival skills training to wildlife conservation sessions - let your child earn his/her badges under the guidance of our Senior Naturalist. Ooh, and we’re so envious of their cute safari apparel!

Face to Face with a Tiger

Take a selfie with a wild tiger and earn bragging rights!  Our concierge’s choice of the best National Park in India for tiger sightings - Ranthambhore National Park, just a train ride away from Delhi.

Visit Nagaland for Hornbill Festival 2015

Visit Nagaland for Hornbill Festival 2015

A pop-up festival running from 1st till 10th December 2015. Join us as we pitch our glam-tents in the hidden recesses of Nagaland and participate in this colourful, exotic display of tribal costumes, games and culture.

Fun facts:

  • These tribes are descendants of headhunters and cannibals! Rest assured, they don't headhunt these days…we checked!
  • There are 16 different tribes in Nagaland each identified by their traditional costume and with their own distinct language
  • They play games like “chilli eating competition” and “wrestling with greasy bodies”

How to get there:

Fly in to Kolkata international airport.  Our RIH concierge will meet & greet you at the airport and transfer on a domestic flight to Dimapur. From there, it’s a 3 hr drive to Kohima camp, our location for the duration of the festival. It’s pretty remote but we’ve got wifi covered!